Design & Engineering

With over 50 years of combined experience working with industry leaders, farmers, equipment designers, the Design Team at Penfor Construction takes pride in the quality of each and every design.

Working with equipment suppliers, engineers, and owners, we develop and engineer complete construction plans. We then work with engineers to further develop these plans to ensure that they meet the needs of each project.

We have learned that no two projects are alike, and every design requires precise detail and design considerations from multiple sources.

Estimating and Specification Writing

Estimating is a big part of the planning and design of every project. It is here that we fine-tune the details and materials with our customer and with our suppliers.

Working closely with the designers at Penfor, the estimating team drives the pre-planning end of the project and is often consulted for potential changes to the scope.

Having a dedicated in-house team that is there when materials need to be ordered, when a change is required or when details need to be evaluated within our office improves project efficiency, saving time and money.

Project Planning and Management

Project Managers are involved with the project from the beginning and work with engineering and design to finalize the drawings used on site.

Our project managers understand the whole design thus anticipate what is expected on-site through having input from the start Project managers also work closely with each trade involved by communicating design details and reviewing project scheduling and invoicing.

Having a knowledgeable project manager on your project means that you won’t have to take care of the day-to-day coordination and details of the project.

Site Supervision and Site Preparation

Site supervisors are a valuable part of our team. They are the front line between design and construction. Working closely with the project managers, our site supervisors will be on-site from day one.

They will set up and stake out the barn area, coordinate material deliveries, and monitor the flow of ongoing construction activities for the project’s duration while maintaining a safe work environment.


Safety is an essential part of every job site. Our goal on every site is zero incidents, and we will provide the necessary tools to ensure this happens. But since life is not always predictable, Penfor has a complete safety program.

We are COR certified and strive to be a leader in the industry for Agricultural Safety practices. Our safety program takes the liability off the owner of the project.

After-Sale Services

We will continue to be there for you when the project is complete, and the last broom has been removed from the site.

After-sale service is not only applicable to the equipment in your barn but also to the barn itself. Every project includes a one-year warranty program against construction defects or deficiencies.

Still, regardless of the timeframe, we are willing to help with any maintenance challenges you may face in the future.

Penfor Barn Image