Prevent the Spread of Viruses

The Bio Dri II from Automated Production Systems provides a simple way to heat and dry trailers after washing. Heating the inside of a trailer eliminates the humidity and temperatures that viruses need to survive, making it one of the most effective ways to stop PEDv and PRRS from spreading.

How it Works

Pre-Heat & Bake Mode

  • Trailer parked in the Bio Dri II
  • Existing air and gases are exhausted from the building
  • Building is heated to a user-defined temperature
  • Surface temperature is reached, the Bake Cycle runs for the programmed length of time
  • Bake mode keeps the trailer at the set temperature for the allotted amount of time

Purge Mode

  • Forces fresh air into the Bio Dri II
  • Exhausts hot air and combustion gases

Post Bake Mode

  • Allows you to continue drying the trailer without running the heaters


Easy Operation

The heavy-duty ductwork system is easily rolled into position for convenient drive-through operation.

Efficient Drying

High-volume, high-velocity fans combined with LP or natural gas heaters provide quick, quiet, and efficient drying.

Control & Monitoring

Temperature is monitored by Infrared sensors aimed directly at the trailer sidewalls. The controller user interface will provide information such as:

  • Current mode and time remaining
  • Trailer surface temperature
  • Chamber air temperature
  • Duct temperature
  • Cause of system shutdown
  • Confirmation of cycle completion

To learn more about adding the Bio-Dri II to your biosecurity system, please contact:

Doug Redekop, Penner Farm Services


Norm Braun, Penfor Construction