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Project Description:

This is a free-range organic layer facility. This means that all the eggs produced here are free range organic certified. In order to qualify as an organic barn or facility, the building and its materials must comply with industry regulations. Great care is given to the materials used to build these barns. Even the type of lumber used is evaluated prior to construction. The design of this site includes a large winter garden and green space for the hens. This means that during temperate conditions the hens can go outside. They can roam and behave as they naturally would, this improves their overall health and well being. The eggs laid in these barns are transported through the cage system onto a conveyor. They travel on these conveyors along the long hallways to the packing room. This is where they are sorted and palletized in preparation for transportation to a grading facility.


Prairie Organic Layer Farms, Pansy, MB